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909 Sugar Run Road, Eighty Four, PA  15330
Open to All Washington County Residents

      Allowable materials for disposal at the site include all types of paper, manila folders, cardboard, newspaper, telephone books, glossy magazines and catalogs, junk mail, glass, plastic (labeled numbers 1 thru 5 and 7, NOT #6), & aluminum cans.

Non-recyclable items include food waste, glass panes and Pyrex, tires, furniture, toner cartridges, hard-back books, plastic bags, plastic silverware, PVC pipe, Styrofoam peanuts and any Styrofoam products.

County residents are encouraged to bring their recyclable materials to the facility, which is open twenty-four (24) hours a day (If the compacter bin is full, just leave your items within the gated area and they will be placed in the bin the next work day). County residents are requested not to drop off garbage at the facility, which includes rubber tires, food containers, furniture, paint and food waste, as these materials cannot be recycled. If you collect your recyclables in garbage bags or other plastic bags, please do not put the bags in the compactor bin, as the plastic bags clog the machinery that the recycling company uses. A separate garbage can is available to dispose of plastic bags.  Cooperation by all will certainly be appreciated.

          To access a flyer of what can and cannot be recycled, click icon below.


Important Information About the Recycling Center!

For people who recycle: Please read the following document regarding new rules about recycled material.  In order to keep costs down and the center open, all people who recycle need to follow these rules.

The recycling center has never been profitable, or even a “break even” endeavor; it has always cost more to have the materials hauled to the recycling facility than what we received in rebates.  That’s why we closed the center to only Nottingham residents in 2014 – because they were footing the bill with their tax dollars.  After reaching an agreement with Washington County, where they agreed to pay up to $3,000 per year to cover our loses, the center was once again opened to all Washington County residents in 2016.

To give an example of what it costs the township to have the recycling center open, here are the costs for the latest haul which took place on March 22nd – It cost $260.25 to haul 4.5 tons of materials to the recycling facility.  We will receive a rebate of $41.27 –  a loss of $218.98.  If we have to pay an additional $150 per ton for a “contaminated” haul, the loss will be an additional $675.  As you can see, it would not take long before our costs exceed the $3,000 that the county has agreed to cover. 

Washington County Monthly Electronics Collection

Important Update:  July 13, 2018:  Due to the overwhelming response to the monthly electronics collection, Washington County will be moving the site from the Fairgrounds to the Washington Mall Parking Area (310 Oak Spring Road), effective IMMEDIATELY.  They have received approval to use the site, and are working out the details.


Click below to view a staging map that shows traffic flow, etc.



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