Ordinance Information


All Nottingham Township Ordinances are available and can be viewed at the Nottingham Township Municipal Building, between 8:00 AM and 4:00 PM, Monday through Friday.




Ordinance No. 116 Subdivision and Land Development (SALDO) Ordinance


Ordinance No. 110 Zoning Ordinance


Amendment A to Ordinance 110


Amendment B to Ordinance 110


Amendment C to Ordinance 110


On-Street Parking Ordinance Amendment A to Ordinance #5


pdf_button_small_OptimizedDog Ordinance # 71


pdf_button_small_OptimizedMotor Vehicle Nuisance Ordinance # 74


Property Maintenance Ordinance #102



Landlord-Tenant Registration – Ordinance No. 103


Peddling and Solicitation Ordinance No. 107pdf_button_small_Optimized


Permit Fees for Peddling, Soliciting or Transient Merchants (bottom page 2)


Peddling and Solicitation Permit Applicationpdf_button_small_Optimized


Floodplain Management Ordinance No. 108pdf_button_small_Optimized


pdf_button_small_OptimizedAmendment A to Ordinance No. 108


Stormwater Ordinance No. 94


Stormwater Ord. Appendices


Nottingham Watershed District Map


Special Event Barns and Venues – Ordinance No. 114


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